As a team of skilled local tradesmen we have a wide experience and a passion for our trade.

Over the last 3 years we have been working on reviving and perfecting an old technique. Ragging or bag rub render was historicity the most common finish used on granite buildings. This was then painted in a milk paint to achieve a hydrophobic solid wall. The bag rub render was applied by hand and the milk paint reapplied every year. I have developed the application of bag rub render utilizing a high power render spray machine. This has improved on an old time, proven method by reducing cracking and increasing adhesion. We then follow it up with a tinted hydrophobic mineral coating (beecks beeckacil). Giving the structure a very long lasting hydrophobic coating, allowing the building to breath and ultimately dry out. This is the most sympathetic way to cure damp and retain the character of old granite buildings, along with bringing back an old historical method.

Some of the services we offer are..

Lime pointing, Rendering, Plastering, Breathable insulation (internal and external ), Tinted and hydrophobic external finnishes, Lime grouting ( to consolidate rat-run washed out ruins and barns ), Wet laid natural slate roofs in lime, Traditional bag rub lime renders, Hydrophobic lime washes and paints, Comprehensive damp diognostics with indepth stratergies to eliminate water ingress and allow structures to fully dry out  and stay dry .

We specialise in restoring stone buildings curing damp with lime and external hydrophobic treatments and renders. We work to create a damp management system incorporating breathabillty, drainage, insulation and external weatherproofing. While using traditional products that are sympathetic to the propperties.

We have managed sites from ruin to homes, working to an extremely high standard and quality, working closely with building control and conservation officers.

We pride ourselves on our vernacular and meticulous attention to detail which is often required to maintain the character and beauty existing in traditional Cornish buildings.

As we are local we pride ourselves on our reputation and are happy to give references from previous delighted customers.