This is a lovely old Farm house that had unfortunately had been badly cement pointed.The client wanted to bring it back to its former glory. On the front of the house the original masons that built it had used a real mix of stone,With a wonderful mix of colours . Red ,orange and silver granite, blue elvin, rose quartz, Delabole slate are to mention a few. We had a bit of a mission hacking it out, as it had mainly been pointed in (farmyard ) 2:1 mix . This had damaged the stone quite badly and the property  was literately being killed by kindness. It had traces of old lime point , cement wash ,paint and bitumen paint . But once we hacked out redressed the stone where necessary we uncovered a little gem.

We had to do a fair amount of work on the chimney that had been built against the gable.  It was built in mud and wasn’t tied into the main building in any way.  We ended up putting in many ties and rebuilt the top sections, resetting the top quoins and replacing the capping in lime,  building in a  Damp proof course .