Bindle and Rue are a lovely couple originally from Cornwall that acquired an old ruined farm house in Spain. I got a call early 2009 asking if i was in a position to help then renovate the place. I agreed to help and found myself on a plane flying to Santiago de Compostela. The place was a bit of a state with some walls leaning up to 11 inches out of plumb in places . When I arrived The roof had been removed. I built two pilers and dropped one of the main roof timbers down to form a major floor joist. All the walls where repaired and a ring-beam cast all round. The top Windows where formed and I am happy to say after 6 weeks working with them they where ready to put on a roof. They opted for a welded steel roof structure giving the wonderful high ceilings.

The following year I went back and helped by laying a concrete  foundation and building up a little stone work on their extension.

Then finally in 2011 the call came and I was delighted to go and lime render the interior finishing the job.