We were asked to Rerender one old the oldest standing houses in Moushole. It was the only building to survive a raid by the Spanish Armada when its owner fought to his death defending his property and the honour of the ladies within.

Little Keigwin is of particular historical interest and so fell under stringent Herritage and Conservation requirements. That is where we came in.

The render was badly failing and conservation were insisting on a lime render finish onto plaster lath.

Luckily we were able to convince them to allow us to use Celenit Woodwool Fibre Board. Provided by the Cornish lime company.

It was then topped with a scratch coat of cls 28 mixed 2.5 to 1 with nhl 3.5. A mesh pushed in to prevent cracking. Then topped with cls 30 mixed 3 to 1 with nhl3.5

We replaced the slate droppers and then painted it using the beecks beeckacil hydrophobic tinted mineral coating system. In old white colour 101. We has to strip it back to the original timber frame. Then constructed a new frame around the existing timbers to retain the original structure. This was then boarded about in cellnit boards adding additional rigidity. We Retained the window surrounds, probably added around the 50s. Then lime painted it once the lime had had adequate time to cure.

The client then asked one other the chaps working with me to renovate the windows, repaint around the back along with a couple of other sections of masonry. Once the painting was complete we fitted new dropper slates to protect the eves. And the job was done. Hopefully set for the next couple of hundred years.