cottage with cob repairs to first floor

cob repair

lime render and bag rub

On the gabel end we replaced all the cement blocks with cob blocks above the granite line . Then hacked out and bag
rubbed the lower section

Vine cottage is one of the oldest cottages in Newlyn. When the present owners applied for a mortgage the surveyor discovered that the cob had been cement rendered. As a condition of the mortgage he specified that the cement was removed and replaced with lime mortar.

At this point the previous owner contacted us and asked us to quote on the removal of the cement render and replacement in lime. Once the scaffold was erected and we started to remove the render we discovered not cob as was expected but instead cement block .  Upon greater inspection we soon realised that the builders at a much earlier date had shaved off the exterior of the cob and replaced it with a layer of block.IMG_6614

detail of cob repair using cob blocks

on the corners we reinforced them by laying the blocks on there flat and adding extra helifix ties

Unfortunately the surveyor required that these needed to be also removed and replaced with cob .  This was obviously a larger job than originally planned. After consultation with Barry Honeyset and excellent structural engineer and surveyor specialising in cob we discovered that the cob was structurally sound enough to support the roof structure.

cob repair cornwall

Vine cottage with new cob block-work.

We then removed all the cement blocks replaced them with cob blocks securing them into place with helifixings finally lime rendering the wall. Six weeks later we came back and lime painted the areas in beecks beeckacil 101 lime paint.

The surveyor was delighted ,the mortgage went ahead and the present owners moved into vine cottage.