This powder house had fallen into disrepair. Many years ago somebody replaced the roof and forgot to put collars on the truss. Over time this caused the building to move and crack.

We repaired the cracks by infilling and rebuilding sections using helbar to stitch it all back together. We then replaced the bag rub to bring it back to its original look.

The roof had started to crack, so we repaired the cracks and repointed the roof in lime. The new collars will stop the spread on the roof that was slowly pulling the walls apart. The building now has 4 rings of stainless steel helical bar. I treated the building like a barrel without straps. Now that the roof is repaired and its fully strapped back together I hope the building stays standing for another 400 Years 

Lime rendering Cornwall New lintel. Made to look old. The duck now has a nice new roost.
lime rendered shed

Torched rafters